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Brain Fact - Approximately 40% of our brain’s neurons (nerve cells) are “connected” and “chatting” with each other at birth. The other 60% of our neurons are waiting for stimulation from our senses to initiate their connections so they can communicate with each other.


Ten Signs of a Great Preschool (NAEYC)

High-quality child care: Luxury option or standard equipment? (NAEYC)


Early childhood is a time when children learn most and when they are most open to new experiences. During this time, young children are keenly "wired" to catch the meaning of their world. Research emphasizes the need for caring adults to create learning experiences that build on and extend children's competence.

  •   Young children are

      designed to learn

      about themselves and

      the world around

      them.  They learn by

      playing and interacting

      with the people and

      things in that world.

  •  Young children learn by

      being guided through
      their environment by the

      grownups in their lives.

  •   Early childhood education ensures that all children will have access

      to circumstances, experiences, guidance, and teachings that promote

      learning, and builds a solid foundation for success in school and



We use Scholastic!


Play opportunities that enhance each child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development are the foundation of our program. Our program provides developmentally appropriate activities for every child including short, focused group activities, one-on-one teaching, individual and group playtime, large and small muscle activities and of course lots of  outside play!








Play Under Siege
Yale's center in Child Development and Social Policy

No naptime in preschool, no recess in kindergarten--are schools focusing too narrowly on desk learning alone? Child development specialist, Ed Zigler, says that children's play is under attack as schools focus on children's reading development at the expense of their equally important (and related) physical, social, and emotional development.


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